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BraZouky 2020 will be a climate-conscious event. This means that we have calculated our carbon footprint, and have offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions within our control. We are offsetting the emissions from the aircraft bringing our stellar artists to Melbourne and our electricity use at the venues by supporting the Envira Amazonia project in Brazil. This project protects part of the Amazon Rainforest from logging, and offers economic opportunities to local communities; supporting sustainable farming and promoting environmental legacy. This offset is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and certified by the Verified Carbon Standard.

South Pole Certificate - BraZouky 2020

Envira Amazonia Factsheet

To do more, we need you. If you are flying in to the event, we encourage you to buy the carbon offset offered by your airline for your flights to and from BraZouky. If you live in Melbourne, we encourage you to stay close to the venue, to avoid the use of private transport to BraZouky. Please present us with the evidence of either action (e.g. screenshot of booking confirmation, receipt), and you will receive a free CIIARA drink bottle!


We are trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste we generate. Therefore, we ask that you use personal drink bottles at the water stations during BraZouky. Bio-plastic cups will be available if needed (above all, we need you to stay hydrated!). If you find yourself without a drink bottle, they will be available for purchase at BraZouky (while stocks last).

If you would like to get into the spirit even more, please use keep cups for coffee, and eat at restaurants or bring food from home to avoid single-use plastics from takeaway food. However, we understand the need to grab something quick and rush back for Jack and Jill or the next workshop - we are here to dance, after all!

Lastly, our official BraZouky 2020 shirts will be made of bamboo. In addition to being a breathable fabric that is great to wear, bamboo doesn’t shed microplastics when washed.  

Thanks to CIIARA for their generous support of the sustainability initiatives for BraZouky.

At heart, BraZouky is about a dream for a better future. Through these small actions, we are trying to contribute towards a better future for us all.