BraZoukinho Australia 2021

Update 26th May 2021

Olá BraZouky Dreamers

Well, it looks like we may have to stay dreaming a little longer 😭

This morning's announcement of more positive Covid cases, one around the corner from our venue, means that it is quite likely additional restrictions will soon be in place. As it is now, our amazing interstate and international guests could be prevented from returning home without going through quarantine, and it would not be much of a #reconnection without them. 

We are therefore postponing BraZoukinho (including the pre-party) until this outbreak is under control, and borders have re-opened. We are in discussion with the venue and our artists, and will let you know the revised date. 

If the new date does not work for you, you have the option of requesting a refund or using the value of your purchases (pass/J&J/t-shirt/pre-party) as credit against next year's BraZouky. If you are in the financial position to do so, please consider transferring your purchases as credit for next year as this helps us stay afloat. But we absolutely understand if you can't, and will process your refund as soon as we are able. 

And if anyone could organise a refund on the crystal ball we used to pick the date, we'd be very grateful 😒💔

We are devastated, not only for having to postpone this event that has been 15 months in the planning, but we in Melbourne are definitely missing our wider Zouk familia and those magical congress vibes. So please - follow the public health directives, get vaccinated when you are able, and 🤞🤞🤞 we will all be dancing together again soon.

Update 18th May 2021

BraZoukinho 2021 Event Schedule is ready, check it out now!

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Update 21st Apr 2021

BraZoukinho 2021 is happening! The event will take place on Fri 28th to Sun 30th May 2021.

Limited tickets are available so grab yours now!


Update 29 Mar 2021

Bom dia!

With recent events it looks like restrictions will not be lifting to the point where we will be able to hold the full BraZouky. But we know how keen you all are (and quite frankly we are) to dance with each other; so we are pleased to announce BraZoukinho!

As of 26th March we were able to increase the total number of attendees, so we can have more people reconnecting, and that will be our key theme. All workshops taught in person, the only people online will be some world class DJs during the parties!

Due to popular demand, we WILL be running a Jack & Jill (Novice and Intermediate) at BraZoukinho.

Ticket sales will be opening to everyone who pre-registered in the coming days, with remaining passes available in the following week.

BraZouky 2021 Artists


Brazil, Australia & USA


Brazil & Australia

DJ Kakah


Sarah & Bruno


Rafael & Juliana


Izzy & Steve


Jimmy & Kylie


Heidi & Sunny


Wesley & Rachel


Bruna & Felipe


DJ Wesley


DJ Panda


DJ Nathalia


DJ Wasabhi


DJ Viscious


DJ Nhat


DJ Juliuz


DJ Ian


DJ Fro-Yo


DJ Dedz


DJ Berries


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