General Rules for All Divisions
General Rules for All Divisions
Updated Feb 1st, 2024 

General Rules for All Divisions


Please ensure your full understanding of the competition rules. Lack of understanding won’t exempt the competitor from fulfillment of the rules.

All competitors must be 18 years of age or older for all divisions.

Competitors must read and accept the liability waiver form in which it states that the competitor assumes all responsibilities for any damages or injuries caused to the participant or by the participant in the event. The competitor also releases the organization from all responsibility should any injury or damages arise during the event.

While BraZouky organisers have the administrative rights on all rules, regulations and development of the event, they are disengaged from judging the competitions and all decision matters pertaining to competition placings.



What should each competitor purchase? 

Each competitor should purchase a BraZouky Full Pass and also register for their chosen division. Please visit Ticket Booking to view prices for all passes and registrations.

  • BraZouky Event Pass: Each competitor must purchase their own pass. The BraZouky Pass DOES NOT include competition registration. The director/coach of any competitor should also purchase a BraZouky Pass if they wish to attend or compete.
  • Competition Registration: Each competitor must purchase a Competition Pass for each division they will compete in.
  • Qualifying rounds: Competition will consist of up to three rounds: prelims, semi-finals and finals. 

Registering at Brazouky

Prices will be higher at the event however registrations can be made in person up until 11 AM on the Friday. During registration check-in, competitors’ information, divisions and payments will be confirmed. Competitors will be provided with event information, wristbands and bibs. For cancellation, transfer and changes please check the Participation Terms and Conditions page on our website.



The BraZouky organization reserves the right to take and use any videos or photos during and after the event. The BraZouky organization may use the videos or photos for commercial use. Once the registration form has been completed, all competitors acknowledge the understanding and fulfillment of all rules.

Any video or photo taken by an entity or person not authorized by the BraZouky organization is strictly prohibited.
The organization reserves the right to broadcast or rebroadcast the BraZouky event. Competitors will not receive any compensation for this.



The BraZouky organization has mandatory activities for its competitors. Competitors should view the event program and find out when those will be held.



  • Competitors MUST NOT add oils, powder on their shoes or stage, this will result in points deduction by discretion of the judges.

Rules for Jack&Jill and Strictly Divisions

Jack & Jill Division

The ‘Brazouky Brazilian Dance Festival’ is a Brazillian Zouk Dance Council (“BZDC”) Registered Event. As such, the Jack & Jill Competition is conducted in accordance with all BZDC rules, policies and guidelines.

Brazilian Zouk Dance Council

For full information on BZDC rules, policies and guidelines, please refer to the BZDC website.