M.A.C. Training Project

MAC Training Project

M.A.C. is coming to Australia for the 1st time 🎉 !!!

Thats right, Alex & Mathilde will be in Melbourne 2 extra days to conduct the M.A.C. Summary – which is a shorter version of the 80 hours and one year long Professional Training Project that Alex runs in France every year, this is NOT just the usual ‘teachers course’, this is the real deal!


Alex de Carvalho’s training aims to clearly identify Brazilian Zouk in all its different lines: the physical, technical, theoretical and ethical aspects of that dance will be thoroughly approached. It ensures that you are equipped to become a good dance instructor


  • History of Zouk-Lambada and its transformation in the past 30 years
  • Reflections about the zouk scene – music, styles and trends
  • Anatomy of the body
  • Psychology used in the field of dance – individual development, socialization, group management
  • The importance of professional training – ethics, professionalism, development and techniques employed


  1. Mastering chest action in the vertical position. Fundamentals: weight transfer + legs and torso + directions
  2. Waves – Circular, frontal and lateral waves + isolation + contact
  3. Introduction to Head Movements – Passive vs Active head + Linear vs Circular head movements + Cambre techniques
  4. Chest inclination – Leading by contact and body expression + improvisation + horizontal and vertical leading
  5. Circular and linear movements – musicality + mastering the different dynamics + counterweight + spins

The course will run over 2 days (Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th of February 2019), 5 hours of classes per day with a quick break in the middle of each block. More detailed schedule will be out soon

The training class is $300 for Full Pass Holder and BraZouky crew, and $350 for everyone else.


The location will be at the same venue as BraZouky: The Space Dance & Arts Centre. MAC classes will be in the Skydeck