BraZouky 2020 – Brazilian Zouk Pro-Am Division

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Zouk Pro-Am Routines

This division is designed to develop routine dancers and showcase an amateur dancing with their Professional instructor.

The dance content must be 80% in that style. Lifts and Aerials are not allowed. Tricks are permitted providing one foot is always in contact with the floor. Each amateur can only enter once. Each Pro is limited to three (3) students.

To qualify for this Pro/Am Routine Category, there must be an instructor/student relationship. An Amateur is someone who HAS NOT RECEIVED payment for teaching, performing or any other dance related work. A Professional is someone who HAS RECEIVED payment for teaching group classes, private lessons or paid for a dance show or demonstration in the last three years.

Music must be no less than 1.5 minutes and no more than 3 minutes. Minimum of 3 couples for this competition to proceed, maximum of 10 couples in each style.

Both the Professional and Amateur are required to purchase an entry into the Showcase competition.

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