BraZouky 2019 – Brazilian Zouk Jack and Jill Division

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Zouk Jack and Jill

Jack & Jill competitions are designed to highlight skills in spontaneous Zouk dancing and the ability to dance well with a variety of partners. In this division, the dancers will be judge on their Timing, Technique, Team-work for all levels and additionally their Musicality for Intermediate competitors only).

Competitors enter as individuals, are randomly assigned partners, and dance to music selected by the BraZouky Team and screened by the Head Judge. Male competitors must enter as “leaders” and female competitors must enter as “followers.” Depending on the number of registered dancers there might be 3 heats or less: Prelims, Semi-Finals and Finals. Each heat consists of a minimum of 3 different songs. Excluding the Finals heat, all other previous heats consists of at least 3 partner changes.

Novice Category

A person should compete in Novice if they have earned fewer than 15 Novice points and do not otherwise qualify for the Intermediate category. If a person is competing in the Intermediate Strictly competition but does not meet the Intermediate Jack & Jill requirements individually (ie: they are dancing up because of their partner), that person may compete in this category.

Intermediate Category

A person should compete in Intermediate if they have already competed at the Intermediate level and hold Intermediate points (and don’t qualify for a higher category) or they have earned 15 or more Novice points. Depending on the number of dancers the Finals may be done as ‘Spotlight’, which means only one couple will dance at the time.

PLEASE NOTE: each category will only proceed if 5 or more leaders and 5 or more followers register for the relevant category.

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