The Dream

Dance was something that changed my life when I was a teenager. It saved me from a troubled childhood, and gave me a new start filled with happiness and hope.

My parents couldn't afford to pay for my dance classes so I applied for and received a scholarship. If it wasn't for that scholarship I wouldn't be the person I am today. I have met wonderful people, helped thousands of students, traveledĀ to over 40 countries around the world, and I have enjoyed living and teaching my passion in Australia forĀ  over 10 years.

My dream is to be able to pass on the same opportunity to people also in need of such a life changing opportunity. Thus, we are creating a not-for-profit 'Dance Foundation' which will be giving Dance Scholarships to children and teens from under privileged communities around the world.

The BraZouky Brazilian Dance Festival is the first project within the master plan. This event will help us raise funds to make dreams possible, and by participating in this event, you will be helping us reach more people and make more dreams come true.

With this, we hope to be able to bring change, and have a future with more dancing in everyone's life!

Alisson Sandi